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Web Design Process

Branding & Art Direction

Copy Integration

The wording process is a breeze. We gather the message that you want your brand exemplify and make strides on making it happen.


Someone is looking for your business in a search engine, it's our job to help them find you. We come up with keywords based on brand and industry and apply those to the search engine juice that platforms like google are based around. From keyword lists to social media, we've got you covered. 

Web Development Facts

Domain Name?

You own your domain. As apart of your website development plan, you will own your name after your website management process is complete. We purchase the domain and transfer the domain over to your ownership.

Edit My Own Site?

Yes. We design and transfer control of the website over to our clients. We offer management guidance after completion of the design to make sure there is a basic understanding of website design.

Page Help?

As part of the design process, we help to develop the website copy and also policies and procedures.

Help After Completion?

Yes, every website design project comes with a 14 day content management period. We offer management tools to help along the way and Mae resources that makes website updates a breeze. 

What's included?

Mobile Responsive.SEO (Website.Google.Social)

Map & Menu Structure

Stock Images & Forms

Domain (1 Year Included)

Hosting (1 Month Included)

All service projects require deposit and also require a 15 Business Day Design Project Timeline. All projects start upon completion of detail submission via agency email or google drive folder linking.

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